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Manchester United FC News

šŸŽ™ Ralf Rangnick press conference: "I can only tell you about the squad, locker room, coaching staff. Everybody was very disappointed not only about the result but also the performance. We have 4 days of training before @Villa, my job is to make ensure different performance." šŸ”“ On players taking instructions: "They are at least trying. I am sure they are listening. I think we showed in the last games that they're trying to follow the advice we give. We conceded fewer goals than before. But it is about balance." šŸ”“ On the player's contracts: "We have players' contracts expiring in summer, one or two wanting to leave, it's about the player dealing with that in a professional way. Every player has the opportunity to show up in training." šŸ”“ On midfield issues: "It doesn't help if there is a profile missing. We need to work with the players we have. We have shown we are able to keep clean sheets with these players, but it's what we're doing with and without the ball. "We had too many turnovers in that game. We shouldn't make it too easy for the other times when we have the ball. It's about responsible decision-making at the right moment. "Offensively, we have quality, but we have to show the best possible balance between offense and defense." šŸ”“ On the unity: "I mean yes we have made some progress but obviously versus Wolves was a step back, a relapse to habits we have shown in the past. We need to insist that we need to work together. We can only get better in possession together. "We have to do things together. With passion, emotion, and intensity. This was the problem against Wolves. We were only escorting them. It was only @David de Gea who did. He kept us in the game. Second-half was better with a back-three."

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