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World Cup 2022

🚨 FIFA president Infantino wants to make the UEFA EURO a competition held every two years - after they make the World Cup a biennial event: "In Europe, there is resistance because there is a World Cup every week with the leagues and the best players in the world, but that isn’t the case for the rest of the world: it’s a month, a year and we need to find a way to truly include the whole world in football. "It’s not my idea but FIFA’s – and a feasibility study has been requested by 166 nations. The presumptions are clear: 88% of countries, including the majority of those in Europe, have asked for the study and the study tells us that from a sporting point of view, a World Cup every two years would work: there would be fewer international matches but with a greater impact." When asked how this would affect the credibility of the Euros, UEFA’s flagship competition for national teams, he replied: "The Euros could also be held every two years." Would you want to see EURO and WC every two years?

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