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Liverpool FC News

🗣 Ben Foster on what Mo Salah told him after the match against Watford: "He came up to me after full time, and he got the hand over his mouth, and he said to me "Ben, Ben, if I got a penalty, which way would you dive?" "I thought "oh you clever, clever boy", because we goalkeepers are all doing researches, so I said "I would dive on my right", because you put your last 5 penalties on that side and the big smile came upon his face and he was "yes thank you, I needed to know, I needed to know." "So, he wasn't happy with just scoring a goal and winning 5:0, being the Man of the Match, scoring an unbelievable goal, he has to know a tiny little detail if he gets a penalty in the next game, which way he should point it. That's why Mo Salah is at the top right now. He is the top."

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